1. Summer’s almost here…

  2. Comin straight out the underground.

  3. Just exported my first animated GIF. Been wanting to experiment with the medium for some time now, and this little photo sequence I shot of Josh Barnett as Tormac from the film “Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins" seemed the perfect place to start. We recently wrapped on principal photography, and are digging into post production as we speak. For more info on the film, check out coatwolf.com.


  5. OK, so any of you who’ve been following this stream can probably tell (I hope) that I don’t really post anything that’s not purely the product of my efforts, but it’s time to make an exception. Some of my favorite creative collaborators are back up to their best brand of mischief, and they’re running an indiegogo campaign so the whole world can have the opportunity to join in the fun. This movie has been in the concept phase for 1/2 a decade, and it’s finally moving into preproduction. Check out the stuff @ coatwolf.com, and spread the word to anyone and everyone, be they potential fans, or potential funding, let it be known around the world that this awesomeness is coming.

    Check it out!
  7. Manhole Cover; Columbus, OH


  8. otherlifelessons said: Thanks for the follow, friend. It's a beautiful blog you keep!

    Thanks. Cameras are my closest and most constant companions.